Ignoring some dating advice can help your love life on Older Dating Online

Ignoring some dating advice can help your love life on Older Dating Online

You may have met a new forty plus dater on Older Dating Online and you are getting on well and you really like them. You have been on a couple of dates and have chatted extensively on the phone and it all seems to be going really well. Then you are snocked to discover that your friends don’t like them and don’t think that they are a good match for you !

You have been telling your friends about this new exciting date as you are excited about them. You friends know a lot about how you feel and what has transpired between you as well as what’s been going on in your mind since the first email between you and your new forty plus date.

You tell your friends all the positive things that have happened, like the great restaurant, they are considerate and listen intently when you say that your date told you that you are beautiful and consults you on future dates. However one little red flag came up but it was minor and you mentioned it to your friend in passing, expecting them to say that it was minor and should not be considered a problem but much to your surprise your friend made a big deal about it and left you with the feeling that once again you had met a waster and it would be better if you ended it with this fabulous new date that you are getting on with so well. A feeling that leaves you shocked and slightly puzzled. By the end of the call you’re thanking her for helping you see the light, and composing how you will tell him that you don’t want to see him again. Another one bites the dust.

Even though your friends and family probably want the best for you, they may be sabotaging your love life in various ways, and neither you nor them have any idea it’s happening.

Does your so-called good friend constantly remind you that you’re better off single? Perhaps your friend implies there is something wrong with you and that is why you can’t maintain a long-term relationship?

You don’t need to call up your friend for a heart to heart after each date. You don’t owe  anyone your status report after every forty plus date and your quest for love and romance. You sre a forty plus dater, responsible for your own actions and decisions, you are your best advisor.

One of the perks of being a forty plus dater is that you finally value who you are as a person and know what you want.

You should be your own best friend. You are aware of your own needs desires and wants and you have the clarity of mind to appreciate that choice, and dating decisions.

You can tell if you are feeling joyful, adored and valued when you are with the right forty plus date. You have the ability to self trust and trust your gut feeling and this should come first and foremost before you are swayed by the opinion of others. Trust yourself when forty plus dating. Be selective who you ask for advice. Realise that sometimes it is better to keep your own consul because you know yourself best.


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