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Many forty plus senior singles confess that they get nervous before a first date. Many  singles have been in long term relationships and therefore the thought of meeting a date and dressing for the first date can be stressful.

If you are struggling with the idea of a first date online  and trying to look your best, then a few new make-up ideas could prove useful. Especially if you feel that you would like to change your look a little.

Consider using a cream-based, rather than a powder-based cosmetic on your face. Powder adds texture to skin that already has developed texture. There are many cream based foundations on the market that will even out skin colour and texture but remember a little goes a long way and less is definitely more when applying to your face. Looking your best is always important but when you are preparing for a date  and knowing that you look your best will increase your self confidence.

Choosing a lip stick is important and one tip is to choose a tone that matches your inner lip or gums but adds a little gloss and shine. This is a very attractive look and it will draw attention to your mouth when you are speaking and allow you to look a little flirty on your first date.

Forty plus women tend to lose definition in their eyebrows. Just accept this and don’t try and draw in hard thick false eyebrows as it makes your face look strange hard and unnatural. If you wish to add a little definition then just fill in gentle lines with a soft eyebrow pencil. Don’t go for the thick painted on look that has suddenly become so popular as it is quite a scary look.

Wear a natural or neutral eye shadow. Forty plus single woman should avoid harsh blues. A little bit of mascara is great and eyeliner can add definition and interest when you are on an evening first date .

As a single on a first date the ideal would be to look fresh and vital rather than made-up. The biggest mistake that many woman make when they are getting ready for a date is putting on too much make-up. Don’t use under eye concealer as it doesn’t conceal in fact it tends to hi-light and ends up looking like loads of gunk.

The best beauty asset that many woman have when they are forty plus is a radiant happy smile and if you smile on your  date then you will be a hit with any man. Who needs bags of make-up when your inner beauty shines out from your smile.

Ditch the heavy make-up and the first date nerves and realise that you have an inner beauty.

Sarah Hussey xx

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