Managing your expectations when online dating on Older Dating Online

Managing your expectations when online dating  on Older Dating Online

How much emphasis do we place on profile pictures when we are online dating. I would say that we place a lot of emphasis and often our decision to contact someone in the first place is based on a good attractive picture.

I dislike having any pictures taken, even for a simple passport; simply because I am not always photogenic and for that reason I don’t like people asking me for more pictures before we begin to chat online either and I know I am not alone in this regard.

So how many of us have expectations when we are online dating and meeting singles based just on a picture? I know expectations can disappoint and that’s why I try as best I can to drop expectations and just enjoy the first date and the online dating experience. … regard less of whatever happens at least you have had an hour or two of pleasant company.

However, in some cases, the dating person you meet is not what you expected, it could be because they have posted a picture of a younger time frame but it could also be because you had unrealistic expectations.

Managing your expectations is a huge component in online dating success. Our expectations can be too specific and too high, too idealistic. One way we inadvertently raise our expectations too high is to expect other daters to closely resemble our perceptions of who they are built on just from a small profile online. Often, this is an unconscious process where we develop an attraction to a photo or form an impression of who a dater is based on the profile or even a single line from that profile; they offer up scant details, and we embellish the rest. However when that person fails to live up to this mental image, it can be disconcerting and can cause disappointment. This is not the other daters fault.

I can honestly say that all those dates I have met online, have been delightfully genuine, relaxed and good company, but it  really does help if you are able to drop expectations and just have an open mind..

On a light hearted note, if we get to meet off-line and you don’t look anything like your picture , then you are going to buy me drinks until you do! For me though, enjoying the dating experience, remaining in the moment and appreciating that I am getting the chance to meet other daters at all, is what matters, regardless of the outcome!

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