Social distancing is not the ideal dating mix but there are advantages on Older Dating Online

Social distancing is not the ideal dating mix but there are advantages on Older Dating Online

Real life, face to face dating is not allowed at the moment with the rules around corona virus, which means that forty plus singles are being creative in finding new ways to communicate with their dating interests.  Virtual dinner dates, watching a movie or reading a book in their own separate homes,  or  finding time for an “online wine or coffee date.” Holding cookery dates and exercise challenges or even painting classes, are all helping forty plus daters get to know each other better, with less expense and less pressure .  A slower more relaxed dating feel has started and many forty plus daters are taking full advantage of a quieter pace. Really the world is suddenly wide open and becoming more interesting a creative, even though we are meeting less.

My profile and message box has become a lot busier and online dating has reached a more interesting and higher level.

Forty plus daters are chatting more and communication is interesting and more cerebral. Daters are discussing things like their favourite wine and how they are keeping themselves entertained and stay at home hobbies and entertainment. Pictures of nature are shared and so are favourite recipes if you are both foodies. They are sharing views on Netflix likes and even enjoying reading to each other using different voices, which is normally reserved for the young at heart. Dating seems to have become simpler  and more genuine. These are all advantages rather than disadvantages so it is a good idea to take advantage of this period on Older Dating Online.

Of Course with love under lockdown it is not possible to meet in person but to me it seems that a meeting of the minds and emotions are taking place and that can be very enticing and have a great long-term appeal.

It seems that as forty plus singles are spending more time at home, they’re increasing their activity on Older Dating Online to find online companions with a rise in active users who are willing to zoom or face time and communicate. Online is the way to go and the lockdown does not appear to be stopping Cupid.

Whether you can actually fall in love without meeting in person remains to be seen as daters use all their senses to assess a potential partner but going virtual will give you a head start and an good indication if the forty plus dater is a possibility which then alleviates the costs and time that is wasted with a daters who is definitely not going to fit the bill. It also means that the awkward `I don’t think so’ moment  is not a  drawn out face to face period.

Online dating has been blamed for encouraging a culture of casual hook ups, so effectively forcing people to get to know each other first  and only meeting virtually  might mark a return to more traditional courtship. A hopeful turn about and a positive side effect from the current crisis, might be that we discover our flair for conversation, flirting and getting to know someone over time. I expect people will self-reflect more and consider what they really want for themselves.

The emotional impact of the virus could encourage forty plus singles to take dating and relationships more seriously, Maybe it makes you think that in a crisis like this really all you are left with are those you love, so it might make some single daters increase their search for love. After all as we are discovering life can change very quickly and that it is short.

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