The way to date with Older Dating Online

The way to date with Older Dating Online

Dating online with Older Dating Online can be a great way of meeting and getting to know a potential forty plus partner. Online dating, has made it possible to meet more new forty plus daters than ever – and more easily too, this has lead to many good things, like  allowing forty singles to have more control over the kinds of single dates we meet, it has also come with challenges and pitfalls.

Going on a forty plus date can sometimes feel like a formal interaction: you meet up, you spend time together chatting and learning the basics trying to  figure out whether you want to meet up again with the potential of making it as a couple. This can create anxiety as it can feel a little judgemental and with a time limit added in. This all adds pressure. With online dating the need to be concise and precise is an added pressure. Online dating means that we present ourselves in quite a specific  way. When we create an online dating profile, we often include the information that we’d like forty plus daters to know about and leave out the information we feel is less desirable and we often select the most flattering pictures. There is little point in doing anything else when creating a dating profile.

On a first date we would get a true life representation of that forty plus dater and we get a more distinct picture. Many of us have been through the experience of meeting up with a forty plus date to find out that they aren’t what we thought they would be like at all. This can be disappointing leading to the rejection after one date but this can be unfair as given more of a chance they could be interesting and appealing, which what attracted you in the first instance. Try not to be too prescriptive.

When you manage your expectations you are under less pressure and you may find you can just be yourself and have a good conversation while allowing yourself to connect as people. Online dating isn’t shopping, and people aren’t products. It can take a while to get to know a forty plus date. A forty plus dater who seemed nervous and incompatible on a first date might then settle into things on subsequent dates, allowing you to make a truly informed decision.

If you are struggling to relax on a date, where you are sitting face to face trying to make conversation try agreeing to go to a museum or art gallery or even a walk as this could give you something else to look at and discuss. Just be open to other options.

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