With the nights getting longer enjoy Older Dating Online

With the nights getting longer enjoy Older Dating Online 

Just because the days are getting long and there is smell of colder days to come in the air , that doesn’t mean your sex life has to go cold on you.

Heat things up over the colder months with these sexy and romantic couples’ activities, to make the most of romance and forty plus dating.

Wine tasting means romance, so sampling the sumptuous flavours and aromas on a tour around a vineyard is sure to get your pulses racing and senses tingling and put you in the mood for a romantic cuddle. If things start to get too heated, buy a bottle or two, rush home, get your gear off and make your own tastes and atmosphere. Try a blindfold to make every treat, touch and sensation a surprise.

What’s the best way to warm up after a cold day? A hot bubble bath or hot chocolate and marsh mellows.  All the marsh mellows don’t have to go in the hot chocolate.  I am sure if you use your imagination you can find other places to put them.

Light a couple of candles, put on some chill-out music and enjoy some fun romance with lots of giggles and laughter, we are never too old to have a good sexy giggle.

The kitchen is a perfect place to work together, and cooking a meal packed with aphrodisiacs like chilli peppers, avocados or cherries can get you ready to take things into the bedroom before you’ve even cleared your plates. To spice things up even more, get into costume. A sexy chef and a frilly apron with stockings and suspenders are bound to ramp up the heat

Allowing your forty plus dating partner to see you do your thing in the kitchen in sexy gear and high heels will be an exciting tease for them and will be more than enough to whet their appetite.

Have an evening under the stars in style with a glamping experience.

Spend the day exploring the local area then come back to your tepee or yurt and snuggle up together under the furs by the fire. Most glamping sites have proper beds, so you can still enjoy all the usual tricks you get up to in the bedroom, plus, you can get back in touch with nature without being whipped by the cold winter winds.

Invite your partner up for a sexy massage; just remember to leave your onesies at home and use each other’s body heat to keep warm.

Gifting your partner with a new sex toy, staying under the covers for a day of passionate sex can make for a memorable glamping time, even if it is cold outside.

Heat things up over the colder months with sexy and romantic couples activities and fun forty plus dating.

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