Your dog on dates for forty plus daters on Older Dating Online

Your dog on dates for forty plus daters on Older Dating Online

“Love me, love my dog” implies that your dog is a problem when you are forty plus dating. A pet should not be a negative aspect in the whole package of You on a date. Pet lovers would find this ridiculous, however not everyone loves and appreciates a pet in their lives. While it’s easy to assume that our dogs make us more lovable approachable and empathetic but is this really the view point ? Many people who are animals lovers will adore your dog as much as you do, but what about daters who are not animals fans? Many daters are pet lovers and feel that having a dogs makes you more attractive, more attentive and socially engaging  when accompanied by a dog than those who are not.

We also know that bystanders are more helpful toward people with dogs. Other studies have extended our understanding of the canine influence on human social activity by investigating more personal, intimate types of behaviour in the areas of courtship, dating and forty plus romance.

Many daters on Older Dating Online feel showing pictures of their dogs online enhanced a man’s success when contacting forty plus women online.

The difference the dog pictures made in a man’s success rate can be astounding. Of course it has to be your dog and not just a borrowed ploy to deceive daters, or you will soon get found out. Never mind a wingman— if you want to meet someone, you need a wing-dog!

Why do dogs increase our forty plus dating appeal? To most dog lovers, explaining how dogs can make someone more attractive is pretty straightforward: people are more attractive if they have dogs because they have dogs! Many people report that those with dogs seem safer, friendlier and more approachable; by being a conversation starter, the dog may also ease social awkwardness, talking about a beloved dog is appealing and neutral. They are a feel go factor to animal lovers. They give a

transfer of the warm, fuzzy feelings to the person with the dog. So, dogs may make people attractive by prompting emotions that are extended to them by association.This may not be good for our ego, but it can still be good for our love life!

Interestingly enough, there was also a gender component. The study concluded that dogs make men attractive to women to a greater degree than they make women attractive to men. Forty plus women were more likely to find someone attractive because they had a dog, and were also more likely to find a photo of a dog in an online dating profile appealing and a good conversation starter, a good way to make the first message possible.

I know of no studies investigating how dogs affect attractiveness between members of the same sex, or on Bi-dating but it would be interesting to see what patterns emerge once that area has been explored. I do know many of my Bi-friends and gay friends love dogs so it is possible that dogs are a general draw card when dating.

Perhaps being a pet guardian makes these daters seem more mature or responsible, and empathetic when they consider dogs to be members of the family. An increasing number of people describe their dogs this way, and this level of importance on their pets shows a loyalty and responsibility that is desirable in a partner. If you are a dog’s mum or dad this can make you attractive  to forty plus online daters. Dogs are also good judges of character so if your dog likes your date you could be onto a winner.

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