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Online dating is a great way to meet forty plus daters when you’re looking for love or simply senior companionship.  This can be very handy as you can communicate with forty plus people from the comfort of your home so no need to be out in the cold and the rain in January to start a conversation with forty plus daters. Be sure that you make the most of its potential and avoid the possible pitfalls.

It may be common sense but when it comes to posting a dating profile picture, writing a dating profile editorial and even choosing a place to meet, but people can get it wrong without realising it.

Most forty plus people will want to know what you look like and you’ll have a much better response rate if you put a picture on your dating profile. Choose one in which you look your best and make it a recent and honest headshot. As there are options to show more than one photo, it might be great to show different aspects, perhaps a head and shoulders and then a full body picture. The other options are a profile shot, a photo of you being social, one with a great holiday back ground which always raises interest as to where the picture was taken. Avoid posting pictures with grandchildren or friends as it will be confusing and unnecessary.

When you are writing something about yourself be positive and perhaps a little light hearted as humour is always attractive, but be honest and tell the reader something about you character and passions in life. If you have a goal then mention this and this will tell daters about the kind of person that you are. Mention hobbies and the type of books you have read or a favourite film and why you enjoyed them as this will set you apart from the usual candlelit dinners and walks on the beach.

If you are positive and happy then say so, but avoid the standard `I am a glass half full person!’ As this is so over used and unlikely to set you apart from others. Similarly, rather prove that you have a sense of humour by showing it in your editorial rather than just saying I have a good sense of humour.

There is little point in striking up an online friendship with someone who lives at the other end of the country: remember, the aim is to find someone you can have a real relationship with. So set the online setting to only show you profiles of people who live within a specified distance.

If all goes well and communication is positive then get together rather than having loads of emails. Start off with a drink rather than a meal. Meet in a public place and provide your own transport and have a fully charged phone. If things are not comfortable and you feel doubtful you have every right to leave and end the date.

There are many successful online relationships and dates and forty plus singles have the opportunity to enhance their social life online

Sarah Hussey xx

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