Are you a judgemental dater on Older Dating Online

Are you a judgemental dater on Older Dating Online

None of us like to feel that we are judgemental, it is not viewed as a good characteristic and if someone else says that you are judgemental it can be quite offensive.

If you are reading a dating profile or looking at a daters pictures on Older Dating Online then you are going to make a judgement as to whether  their looks are satisfactory or if they would like to start of as friends and then see what progresses. Some older daters want to move forward much quicker than others and other daters have very specific requirements in the looks area and sometimes that is not a realistic expectation when you are dating on  Older Dating Online.

If you are not compatible in careers or hobbies,  but you are compatible in your values, like hard work, ambition and a lack of desire to chase money just for the sake of outward success. Neither of us were materialistic and we prefer to live simply.

These common values were enough to convince us that there was a possible mutual relationship to build on.

However if we had been judgemental we might not have even met and certainly not a second date, but because we gave each other a chance we are happily in a relationship. More important was the fact that he helped me find that in myself! And it made me realise that making snap decisions and judgemental opinions could have prevented me from meeting an older dater that was just right for me on Older Dating Online.

Sometimes your perfect “match” has nothing to do with what we list on a dating profile. Often it has more to do with the values we live by than by our hobbies and how we earn our living. If your are curious and can take an interest in each other’s interests and hobbies it can help to build a relationship between two people who may on the surface not have much in common.

Differences in personalities can mean that couples can cope with the challenges that we all face in life. The difference can mean that you have a broader skill base as a couple.

As long as the desire to be together and to build a relationship is a mutual and strong desire then a good relationship is a much easier state to achieve, even if you are not a perfect partnership when you first see each other’s dating profile.


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