Are you a pleasure to meet on Older Dating Online

Are you a pleasure to meet on Older Dating Online

Using compliments on a date can win you a favourable response but they need to be genuine and sincere, and meaningful compliments are better than compliments that are  an effort to create an impression. Being sincere changes the impression that you create on Older Dating Online into someone who is pleasant and nice to know. People enjoy your company and the chances are that your dating experiences will be successful.

Use compliments fairly sparingly because if you overdo it they become insincere, especially if you’ve only known the dater for ten minutes.  Insincere compliments make you appear dishonest and mean nothing. Complimenting your date on the way they speak or something they’ve done will make your forty plus date feel that you have taken an interest in them as a person.

If you’re paid a compliment, accept it graciously. With a comment like ‘What a lovely thing to say,’ rather than making out that the compliment is not well meant. Being gracious, shows that you have self-confidence, and feel that you are worth the compliment.

Never underestimate the importance of a smile. If you are happy and smiling the atmosphere of the date becomes more relaxed and people who smile and have a sunshine personality make the world a brighter place and creates a positive atmosphere.

Hold their eye contact a little bit longer as if you are really interested in them and enjoy being in their company. Slightly leaning in towards them gives the impression that you would like to be nearer to them. If they reciprocate or lean in, then you know things are going pretty well and they are likely to be interested in you.

Choose upbeat flirtatious conversation based on your date’s hobbies and interests, the things you have in common, food, films, holidays and clothes.

The language you use has to be sprinkled fairly generously with positive comments that make your date feel like they are appreciated and give a positive vibe. That’s all part of the charm and making yourself pleasant. Remembering the comments that your date made and small pieces of information that they give about themselves as this will give the impression that you are taking notice of what they are saying which is always a compliment. It is a good way to show that you are interested and that is a charming way to show that you care and want to learn more about them.

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