Are you good girlfriend material on forty plus online dating with Older Dating Online?

Are you good girlfriend material on forty plus online dating with Older Dating Online ?

If you feel that being a good girl friend is all about looks then you may be relieved to learn that it is more important to bring substance to a forty plus relationship. Although every dating person will have their  own unique criteria when it comes to deciding if someone would make a good dating partner and it is obvious that forty plus men enjoy looking at a good looking woman  there are some characteristics that men across the board say they want in a forty plus relationship.

Forty plus men are generally attracted to dating a women who is comfortable with themselves and self confident and happy. When you say you feel fat or ugly a man can feel disheartened if he has just tried to say that you are looking good. We need to just get used to thanking people for a compliment.

If a forty plus woman shows that she appreciates the little things that a man does, it encourages him to do more. Always try to remember to tell him you’ve noticed and appreciate the things he does, big and small.

Needless to say this applies to women too. If your girlfriend has cooked you a lovely meal, then appreciate it and thank her. If she gives you a hug or brings you an unexpected cup of coffee then say thank you. Don’t just brush it off as something that is not important. Little things matter when you are in a forty plus relationship.

Don’t play mind games, no one likes to have to try and guess what is going on. Be clear and upfront about what you want.

Although forty plus men love to feel that they are needed and make a difference in their girlfriend’s life they also want to feel she is independent and has other interests outside the relationship because then he can have other hobbies and interests. A girlfriend who is too dependent can quickly smother a man’s affections.

Relationships are all about respect, and a good forty plus daters need to feel respected and not take each other for granted and are aware of each other’s wants and needs and take them  into consideration. Both daters desire approval, rather than criticism. If you feel that you never get approval it can undermine your relationship. Paying your boyfriend a genuine compliment when they do impress you will only encourage him to do better. Of course this all applies to both daters.

Equality in a forty plus relationship is vital so that no dater feels that they are being taken for granted and selfish attitudes can be the death of any relationship.

Men are generally attracted to forty plus women who make them feel good about themselves and for that to happen a woman needs to be open and demonstrative with her feelings. Positive body language, smiling, laughing and words of appreciation will help a man see the potential in a relationship. Looking for a forty plus partner who responds to their date in a positive way is important because it makes them feel desirable and valued and that is what is important to all of us..

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