Do you ask for help when you need it in a relationship on Older Dating Online?

Do you ask for help when you need it in a relationship on Older Dating Online?

Like it or not, everyone experiences a time in their lives where they need to call on others for help. I think that many forty plus daters have needed help and many people have battled with personal problems over the last year or two.

Many people have been forced to change their employment and move home and have had to face life changing losses in their family.

From huge issues that really can leave you reeling to those issues that are a mild hiccup. Everybody needs a little help sometimes, but it can take courage to ask for it.

While needing help from others at times may be a universal experience, different personality types feel very differently about the prospect of asking for help.

Sometimes you will need to ask your Older Dating Online partner for help and that could be difficult depending on your personality type.

As I am a protagonist I am likely to face some specific challenges and opportunities when it comes to asking for help. Protagonists are natural helpers, and many devote themselves to helping professions and community service activities. This this can be a challenge when it comes to asking for help as our reluctance to bother anyone rises up and out tendency to manage and cope in most circumstances tends to take over.

While noble, this tendency can cause trouble for a protagonist as there are times when they really do need help. I am more comfortable helping others than receiving help, but this can lead to mental health issues. Protagonists normally have very strong views on animal welfare, so woe betide any daters on Older Dating Online who cross their path and are not kind to animals. Protagonists feel an obligation to help those who are less successful, and will often be on the side of the underdog. This can leave them vulnerable and open to abuse.

But now these days are gone and I’m not so self-assured. Now I find I’ve changed my mind, I’ve opened up the doors.” – The Beatles “Help!”

Protagonists can benefit a lot from learning to ask others for help and working towards overcoming their fear of becoming a burden to others. By taking advantage of their strengths and the connections that they make when helping others, Protagonists sometimes do not value themselves enough to ask for help and accept that others would be happy to help when asked.

All daters on Older Dating Online have different personalities and also different ways to feel appreciated as some of us like a hug and consideration rather than extravagant gifts. Each of us have different personalities that require different switch on points that turne us on in a dating relationships.


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