Be your own best friend on Older Dating Online

Be your own best friend on Older Dating Online


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Older dating keeps mature singles feeling young!

When it comes to taking on the world of online dating on Older Dating Online, it always helps to have a best friend on your side. Changing your fifty plus senior single lifestyle takes courage and meeting fifty plus senior single on Older Dating Online can be convenient and a great option to senior single dating.

You may not have dated in decades and the thought terrifies you as a mature senior single. We’ve all done it. We’ve all spent time giving ourselves a hard time as a mature fifty plus senior single, for a message we sent, or the dire date we just went on, believing we’re hopeless at this senior single dating lifestyle.

When I was senior single dating on Older Dating Online, I decided that I needed to become my very own best friend. Let’s face it, the relationship we have with ourselves is the longest lasting relationship we will ever have and the most important.  Sometimes we can be very harsh on ourselves and we need to consider if you would speak to my best friend the way I often catch myself speaking to myself? I bet the answer is no. There’s no way you’d give your best friend a hard time when she’s in need of a hug, some TLC and a mug of tea. We all need to be good to ourselves and  celebrate when things are going right for you and acknowledge that you’re giving it your best shot. Don’t wait for others to do this you need to praise yourself to build your own self-confidence as a senior single on Older Dating Online.

That inner critic that is so often playing at full volume needs to be silenced. Take time to focus on all that you’ve got going for you, give yourself some self-care: run a luxury bath, go for a walk, smell the roses, whatever helps you tune back in to you as a positive active fifty plus mature senior single on Older Dating Online. Get to really know yourself and focus on all that you love about yourself. This might take some practice, but it’s important to get in the habit of appreciating what’s great about you as a fifty plus senior single on Older Dating Online.

How about making time in your diary each and every day to do one thing that you love or that shows you how much you love yourself? Think of it as a random act of kindness to yourself! Buy a bunch of flowers, lay down on the grass and look up into the sky watching the clouds go by for no reason, or buy a new pair of socks, give yourself a manicure or just use a really nice body cream. Appreciate yourself as an important person and enjoy meeting intelligent senior singles on Older Dating Online.

Make a habit of being positive about yourself. This won’t happen overnight because we tend to be experts at only noticing when you mess up. Choose to let it go, and turn your thoughts to something much more positive. Meet other positive and active senior singles on Older Dating Online and enjoy making mature friends on Older Dating Online.

Sarah Hussey xx


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