Beauty is more than physical appearance on Older Dating Online

Beauty is more than physical appearance on Older Dating Online

It is common to refer to people who are blessed with physical beauty as either lovely, beautiful, or handsome. Physical beauty seems to be something that we all try to attain and achieve. Cosmetic surgery and enhancers are common place now and we often filter picture that we post on social media. This is very common when online dating and many daters pose for the most attractive pictures on Older Dating Online.

However what about inner worth and inner beauty? What about the inner kindness and compassion that lasts and is so important in a dating relationship? Maybe if we stopped referring to physical beauty so much and praised loyalty and kindness and compassion we would strive towards that kind of beauty more often and try to enhance our character rather than spending so much time and effort on the way we look on the outside. Perhaps the world would be happier and more secure if we concentrated on inner beauty and caring for that side of ourselves rather than trying to fit into a smaller size of jeans.

Is inner beauty less important in this world? When we see a beautiful women or a handsome man are we impressed even before we know what they are like as a person? Are they kind and caring, will they stand by you in the storms of life or are you so dazzled by their looks that you don’t really take that aspect into consideration?

Does this mean that we are shallow or just so brain washed by what the media has trained us to expect that we feel that being beautiful on the outside must automatically make you the most desirable person to be around?

Perhaps we need to rethink our requirements when we are dating or even during our general day to day life. If we strive to call people beautiful because of their kindness and caring attitude then we too will be convinced to change or behaviour and our thoughts on what matters in life. Beauty is not just physical appearance it is a whole package.


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