Being intimate while dating when you are a Christian on Older Dating Online

Being intimate while dating when you are a Christian on Older Dating Online

Many forty plus women who are religiously active have great sex, this disproves the opinion that they are not sexually intimate and that their beliefs make them more conservative.

Many Christian women are very passionate and enjoy a healthy active sexual lifestyle, while still maintaining their belief and Christian ideals. Many say they experience climax with orgasm every time they have sex. Therefore dating a Christian on Older Dating Online could be an enriching and beautiful experience

There is a mixture of chemicals in a woman’s brain that should make her feel totally hot and very sexy after successful and satisfying sex .

Many forty plus daters can have strong negative feelings about their bodies before satisfying sex but can feel highly positive and sexy about their bodies after sex. Many forty plus daters said that they feel an increased level of confidence continuing for several days after a successful intimate sexual encounter with a date that they felt comfortable with. They felt  completely confident about their body after sex, with a forty plus dater that they trust and who they know appreciates them and is loyal and has the same values..

A spiritually satisfied woman in a committed forty plus relationship  might be among the most sexually satisfied. Maybe the ancient Jews were on to something when they used the word “yada” to describe the act of sex. The word means “to know, to be known, to be deeply respected.” Bypassing any reference to their bodies, the word transcended the physical and spoke of the emotional and perhaps spiritual connection occurring. Ironically, they also used the word “yada” to describe the deep knowing they had with God. The ancient Hebrews saw a strong connection between sex and spirituality.

Sex and spirituality are more connected than we are sometimes expected to admit

Many Christian women work hard on their relationship with God and are committed to their relationship with Jesus and their spiritual life and therefore do not need a man to complete them. This means that they can hold their own in a relationship and in an intimate sexual experience, so they do not hang back and can relax. They know how to love completely as they are loved by God completely so can show compassion and empathy while still being strong in what they believe.  A woman who has a strong Christian relationship with her Jesus and is lost in God’s love is a forty plus woman who is  most capable of enjoying a love relationship here on earth. In fact, it’s even quite possible that all those orgasmic church-going woman are sexually satisfied simply because…well, they’re satisfied in life. They’re already full and not looking for another person to complete them. God does that for them.

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