Changes in my forty plus single life on Older Dating Online

Changes in my forty plus single life on Older Dating Online 

The last few years have brought many changes in singles lives and i am no exception  to this event. Even if you have not been affected by a war you will have had to deal with changes in your life.

In my case I have changed a long term career and started a new chapter in my life. Fortunately for me it is an empowering and happy change that has helped my mental health.

I have some scary events, leaving a career job and starting another one that just didn’t work out and then realising that I had to start  something that was very much my own.

I am now in charge of my time and efforts and I am fitter as my new changes are more outdoor and more physical. i work in an environment that i love and it is creative and I meet some lovely people to chat to. I work in gardens and make them look better than they were before I started. I also talk about my Lord and the provision and protection that I have received throughout my life. I am blessed to be a born again Christian who has a close relationship with Jesus.

I guess that is why I am peaceful and calm about the changes that have happened in my life. My daughter calls me resilient and I can only say that the resilience that she attributes to me comes from know that My God is always with me and has always kept me safe. When i am dating  on Older Dating Online it is important to me that i date Christians and forty plus daters who respect me as a person. I am far from perfect but I am the daughter of a KING and my faith and all that goes along with that is important to me. If that means that I am resolute then so be it. I am not rude and do not force my opinions and desires on others and will therefore not accept being backed into a corner to be forced in to ideals of others. Respect is very important when you are dating forty plus singles on Older Dating Online, even if you do cross and uncross your legs on a date.

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