COVID-19 changed the way we love in 2020 so what does 2021 hold for dates?

COVID-19 changed the way we love in 2020, so what does 2021 hold for dates on Older Dating Online?

There is no doubt about it 2020 has changed the way that we live and also love. Many people have lost loved ones and the financial changes and the way that we contact people have all changed.

Many people have been stuck at home during the various lockdowns and the ability to travel any where has been curtailed. We have discovered the value of a hug.

Creating a good Older Dating Online profile and uploading a flattering but honest profile picture and you are ready to start meeting forty plus singles in this era of needing technology to stay in touch and the much needed communication when we all have to stay apart.

Technology in dating has surged as forty plus singles need to meet other forty plus singles online and communicate. Loneliness has been a keyword in 2020 and technology has eased that isolation as many forty plus singles have benefited from Older Dating Online.

Finding an interesting dating profile on Older Dating Online of a forty plus single who  seems to be interesting and you strike up a communication it can ease the loneliness and isolation in this strange new world in which we are living and trying to find our new normal.

Travel has become impossible and airlines are suffering their worst set back in aviation history with the death of the 747 and Boeing and airlines with planes grounded and passengers not flying because of the ban on travel.

It’s time to make contact on Older Dating Online. How do you do that and what do you say that will ensure a response from the forty plus single who has caught your attention? How do you start the first message online in a way that engages and interests them.

In this first message  it is important to show that you have read their profile and that you are engaging in a meaningful way based on mutual interests.

Write something that shows that you’ve actually taken the time to read their dating profile.


If you want to keep things light-hearted, start with one of those questions that everyone has an opinion about.

When I asked my friend for some ideas, they said they once asked about a favourite childhood toy or a loved pet. Most senior singles will smile and reply to something original but innocent like those opening questions.

Ask open ended questions that require a simple answer and this will be far more effective that just saying  Hi !!!  which is boring and is easily ignored as it is uninspiring and shows that you have given no thought at all to meaningful communication. Just because we are all stuck at home does not mean that our time is not in demand and precious.

Everyone likes to be told they look nice, so complimenting someone on their profile picture could work well.

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