Dating a pet lover when you don’t have pets on Older Dating Online

Dating a pet lover when you don’t have pets on Older Dating Online 

What makes you more appealing on dates ? For animal lovers dating a forty plus dater who has an appealing pet will be hard to resist. Some daters on Older Dating Online find that a date who have pets is irresistible.

It has finally happened. You have met the perfect person online and everything is fantastic, apart from one thing. They have a dog or cat or some other animal that you just don’t like because you’re not a pet owner and have never wanted the responsibility of a pet, you are a free and easy person that enjoys the freedom and a pet just ties you down. Meet pet lovers on online on Older Dating Online.

If your dates pet is responsible for countless arguments and even the cause big rifts in your forty plus dating relationship, is there a way of reaching a compromise.? How co-operative are you? If you have found someone that really makes you happy, is it worth sacrificing your relationship over their pet? You need to think long term, because should the date turn into a relationship you are likely to be moving in together with with their pet . Some animals can have very long lives, with dogs living between eight and thirteen years, sometimes longer, whilst cats have even been known to age to over twenty years old. This is therefore a massive commitment to make, particularly if you don’t like them. It would be unfair to force your partner into making a choice, and you may find that the loyalty to their pet outweighs the relationship with you.

Communication and compromise are essential in any forty plus relationship. If you don’t like sharing the bed with your partners pet then you need to tell them. Your forty plus date will be unaware of your issues  unless you share them, and then they can make the necessary changes and adjustments . Nevertheless, you have to understand that many people regard their pets as members of the family. If they are willing to make a change to their routine to accommodate you, you have to reach a compromise in return. For instance, your partner may suggest that the animal sleeps on the bedroom floor rather than on the bed. Clearly establish boundaries through an open, but not heated, discussion. Calmly explain to your partner how you feel, and outline the compromises you would be willing to make, to allow the dating relationship to continue.

The case may be that your forty plus date may feel neglected or even jealous of your relationship with a pet. The time someone wants to spend with their partner may be interrupted when they give the animal attention or needs to cut a date short to care for their pet. In this situation, your partner may be having difficulty adjusting to their new life as a couple because when single, they were able to devote a lot more time to their beloved pet. You need to understand that your partner loves them and wants to spend time with them as well as you. Be patient and try to incorporate the animal into activities that you can both enjoy, such as taking them for a walk. Your partner will appreciate the effort if you start throwing a ball for their beloved dog or buying some healthy treats for a loyal pet.

Perseverance is important if you want your forty plus relationship to work. As you become a bigger part of each other’s lives you will spend more time together, so eventually both you and your partner will work out a routine that suits you both and the pet in your lives. You need to accept that your partner’s pet is a central part of their life, and this is a life they want you to be a part of as well. Loving someone means accepting all of them, including their pets. Meet other pet lovers on Older Dating Online .

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