Having a different background on Older Dating Online

Having a different background on Older Dating Online 

Older Dating Online allows forty plus singles of all different cultures and backgrounds to meet up and experience friendship and companionship and growing romance.

My back ground is possibly unusual as I didn’t grow up in the UK. I grew up with parents who travelled across Southern Africa and I went camping in amongst wild animals and heard lions roaring over a kill as we sat around a camp fire and chatted. Travelling across wild parts of Mozambique and Southern Africa in a Land Rover which was packed with camping tents and equipment and setting up camp on a beach in the wilds of Mozambique where the norm to me.

I miss the animals and the freedom and loneliness of being in a wild environment and not having to worry about social media. However we all have to grow with the times and I have found that joining Older Dating Online has allowed me to meet other singles from different backgrounds and who I can relate to.

Meeting other forty plus singles on Older Dating Online  has helped me to adapt to a different way of life and sharing my experiences has also made dating other singles interesting as they have been keen to learn about my childhood experiences as I am keen to learn about their growing up years.

My childhood has given me a love of nature, plants, gardens and animals.  I love travel and enjoy meeting other cultures and seeing iconic sights in different countries.

I feel that my life experiences have broadened my outlook and understanding of life has made me less petty about small irritations.

I have a more tolerant attitude to life and and it has made me more resilient about life and the issues that I come across.

I love travel and exploring and learning and this can be attributed to my background. Meet other forty plus singles on Older Dating Online and share your experiences.

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