Divorced and considering forty plus dating on Older Dating Online

Divorced and considering forty plus  dating on Older Dating Online 

Divorce is a life changing experience, sometimes a relief and an event to be celebrated and for others it is nothing but heartbreak and sadness. However you feel about divorce when you are forty plus, it  is a chance to pick up the pieces and move on with your life. Many forty plus divorced single are dating online and Older Dating Online is your chance to move forward.

No-one gets married with the intention of splitting up but it is a reality in today’s world that is becoming more and more common, hence the popularity of online dating to meet forty plus dates and companionship.

Picking up the pieces can be a slow and difficult process, but there comes a time to start meeting new people for dates and online dating can help with the process.

There are stages that we all progress through after a break-up, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. There is no particular order to these stages and some people can move backwards and forwards in these stages for awhile. Eventually we all reach acceptance and move forward with the life that we have ahead of us with an open and positive outlook and start to enjoy the adventure that is ahead of us.

Time is a great healer and it’s important that you give yourself sufficient time to heal and you need to work out how long this will take you as an individual. Many daters are keen to meet other daters as soon as the ink is dry on the divorce papers but you do need to give yourself time before you start making any more life changing decisions about relationships. So if you do meet forty plus daters online keep it light until you feel that you are ready to commit.

Use the time you’re single to build a good relationship with yourself and meet other friends and family that you may have lost touch with during the drama of your relationship break-up.

If you don’t give yourself sufficient time before forty plus dating after divorce you may be vulnerable and use another forty plus dater to try and heal your pain. Rebound relationships don’t usually end well. There is nothing wrong with seeking new companions online but you need to realise that this is the time when you’re most vulnerable to looking for comfort in the arms of someone else but it is the most important time to be on your own and rediscover your sense of self. Build yourself up and do things that make you feel good about yourself: go to the gym, read some good books, become your own best friend. This will make you a more desirable and positive dater in the long run.

You will be ready to move on when you feel once again that you have a full and vital life that you want to share with another forty plus dater , because your heart will be open and you feel able to trust and love fully again and you feel like you’re someone worth getting to know.

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