The eyes have it on Older Dating Online

The eyes have it on Older Dating Online

Most singles are attracted to a lovely pair of eyes. That is why women use make up on their eyes to enhance them and draw attention to them.

Eye contact is important in most forms of communication and is a big part of human interactions, and especially important when dating on  Older Dating Online.

Prolonged eye contact, especially when paired with body language, will certainly attract your dates attention. Eye contact is also likely to mean that you are not hiding anything and that you are honest and trustworthy, which be a bonus to many single daters.

Eye contact also creates attraction and gives smiling, touching and listening more of an impact when you are forty plus dating .

From casual glances to deep eye contact, human beings display a range of behaviours when it comes to using eye contact to show attraction. Generally speaking, though, there are roughly five levels of eye contact.

The glance is the most common and happens every day with strangers and even work colleagues. Someone is looking around the room, your eyes meet, and either of you look away. While this could be a sign of attraction,  or it could be a simple accident and mean nothing.

The second glance and a lingering look is like a handshake or a hug that lingers a few seconds too long, except it’s all in the eyes. A difficult one to decipher but if the body language is positive then there is a possibility it is a sign of interest.

The double glance is where it becomes interesting .Someone who’s definitely interested will look at you, look away… then look at you a second time. If the interest is mutual, they’ll soon look your way again and you can be reassured that you have caught someone’s attention. If they then smile you know that you have that romantic Hollywood moment, when they can’t keep their eyes off you – a solid two or three seconds of prolonged eye contact. If it’s not something you want, it can be really uncomfortable, but if you do? It’s the greatest feeling and a really clear sign of interest.

When you have been dating awhile you are more likely to have that lingering soul burning look that sets your insides on fire and makes you feel that you are intimate right there and then. Find a room !!

Men and women daters use eye contact in differing ways.

For women, direct eye contact is a way to signal attraction, to connect and to develop a relationship. It’s also a show of assertiveness and trust – they use eye contact to check in and get an idea of how they’re being perceived.

When a man holds your gaze, however, there’s also an element of challenge to it, even in a romantic context. He’s waiting on you to tell him it’s okay to make the next move.


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