Fidelity is at the core of any relationship on Older Dating Online

Fidelity is at the core of any relationship on Older Dating Online

Fidelity is a core aspect most of us require when we are choosing a partner. So why is there always so much cheating in movies and stories when it comes to relationships. Where are we going wrong? Has it become normal to cheat.? Is a cheater always a cheater?Find your honest partner on Older Dating Online.

Make wise choices when you are dating and find out about their past before you get into a long term relationship. If they have cheater in the past ask if that is how they feel about relationships. Many people treat your boudaries like they treated boudaries in past relationships. Past behaviour can be the predictor of future behaviour. You could get hurt as old habits are hard to break.

The recent past is particularly important as recent behaviour my still be part of their nature. However if your dater had an affair ten years ago and was faithful ever since then they are a safer bet.

Many cheater seem to have the idea that cheating as a one night stand is ok and part of an opportunity too good to miss. They don’t view this as cheating, it is about `getting some’If this is how your partner feels then you are in for heartache and it is best to end the relationship and move on. Forgiving and forgetting in this case is just lowering your boudaries.

All relationships go through stresses. Are you okay with a partner whose default is soothing themselves in another’s arms? They may even blame you. You didn’t understand or they couldn’t relate to you. If this is their excuse then they are not facing up to their responsibility and that is a form of abuse.

Do they offer excuses or remorse? Do they give themselves  a reason that it is someone else fault and donot admit that their own moral code was at fault. Do they accept responsibility for their choices and behavior, or do they pawn it off on their ex’s failings? When you are dating a forty plus dater on Older Dating Online you need to be able to trust them and feel that they are honest or you could be heading for neart break. You date should have the courage to own up to their mistakes and be willing to change.

Bonus points if they acknowledge a basic moral code of fidelity. A person who uses rough times in the relationship or flaws in their ex as an excuse for infidelity is a person who most likely will be unfaithful again.

If you trusted someone in the past and you were hurt it is likely that you will be very cautious about trust issues in the future relationships that you have. It might take a great deal of courage to trust another relationship again.

If that’s you, it’s likely best to avoid everyone with a history of infidelity.  Living with constant fear is contrary to loving yourself, and besides, most people have never cheated on anyone. Choose from among them!

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