Find a healthy relationship on Older Dating Online

Find a healthy relationship on Older Dating Online

Mental and physical abuse has become more common during the Covid19 lockdown and many victims can be lead to believe that the abuse and the relationship breakdown is their fault.

You can be made to believe that you are the cause of everything going wrong in the forty plus relationship. It’s always your fault. It’s NEVER their fault. If, by chance, you’re not the one blamed, then it’s the weather, the family, the office, the government, or God.

For that reason, you often finally give up trying to solve problems, and too often, you give in. Attempts at being rational with them are exhausting. You can’t be right because they cannot be wrong! Sometimes the only thing that you can do is move on, leaving the relationship and meet other forty plus daters who are not abusive and with whom you have a chance of a saner relationship that is more equal.

Older Dating Online offers the chance to meet other forty plus daters so that you can experience and learn what a mutually heathy and beneficial forty plus relationship is like. You might need to move away from the brain washing of the past relationship and sometimes this means having counselling so that you can learn to establish boundaries.

The attitude and actions of an emotional abuser to any situation is based on how they feel about it, not focusing on what actually happened. Because they feel it, it makes it so, and what you think has no bearing on the matter. Basically your option is of no value if it doesn’t match their immediate mood. You need to realise that you are a forty plus person and that your opinions do matter, and you can find respectful active and positive  singles on Older Dating Online to enjoy a forty plus relationship in which your opinions matter.

Emotional abusers also make assumptions and presumptions about your ideas, feelings, motives, and needs. They won’t ask you directly. They honestly believe and in fact need to believe, that they know you better than and more in-depth than you know yourself. They have to do this because they are always right and you are always wrong. Join Older Dating Online to meet intelligent considerate and trustworthy forty plus singles.

Emotional abusers cannot deal with anyone who disagrees with them and that is why every disagreement in an abusive relationship is a possible war. They fear any conversation they cannot control. That’s why nothing is ever their fault; they’re petrified that the opposite is a possibility. If these traits in your forty plus relationship set off alarm bells for you, don’t panic. When your single date has these traits, you will either argue a whole lot, or one of you will shut down, withhold, and dish out the silent treatment. Neither strategy will work. If these traits apply to a single that you are dating you may need to take a step back and consider if this mature forty plus relationship is what you need or if it is making you question your sanity. Consider ending the relationship and meeting considerate like-minded forty plus singles on Older Dating Online who are relaxed and positive about having a stable healthy relationship.

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