Finding forty plus romance second time around on Older Dating Online

Finding forty plus romance second time around on Older Dating Online

Falling in love for the first time is great, but falling in love for the second time is even more exciting and pleasurable. After all you are wiser and you are more aware of what you want and also what you don’t want.

Dating after a difficult divorce or break-up can seem like a big step to take. After several years or even decades, with the same partner and being out of practice in the in’s and out’s of forty plus dating, you may be out of touch with how to date and the rules that apply.

However you will soon realise that you know more than you think you know and will help you meet like-minded forty plus daters to start the magic.

Let’s get started on your dating journey and fall in love again.

When you’re young, you are happy to just go with the feelings and not consider the details. However when you are forty plus and dating again you tend to look at the details a bit more and be a bit more choosey. You might make decisions faster and not be interested in the dates that really don’t suit you and your lifestyle so you don’t waste time and money on the dates that will never work for you. You are less likely to waste the time and the emotion, if it doesn’t feel right.

When you are forty plus and single you will have experienced more life and have greater life skills so there is more to talk about and you will be expecting someone to fit in with your lifestyle too. If you both expect the other to fit in then there will have to be patience and compromise, or it will never work out, so if you are selfish then you will need to think again!

So what do you need to compromise about and what about the conversations? Music, friends, social life, which is all the day to day living things, that need to be compatible or at least acceptable. If you like mountain climbing then there may need to be some compromising if your partner hates the outdoors and would rather stay inside watching the TV.

When you are forty plus and you have travelled to far flung places and intend to see more but your date is terrified of flying then you may need to consider the changes this will bring about and the challenges it may raise in a future relationship.

When you are forty plus you will have developed a realistic attitude. You will know what really matters. Is it serious that there are one or two kisses at the end of a message? The little details that might have meant so much when you were younger no longer matter. It’s a fact of life that a forty plus dater involved in dating will give relationships more space to grow and mature.

When you meet someone in the mature dating scene, you still want chemistry but it won’t be the biggest draw card. You are mature enough to appreciate someone being kind, funny, intelligent, honest and friendly. You are able to trust your instinct and judge the rules of play for yourself. So rather than trust what other people might think, you have learnt to trust your own gut instinct.

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