Hope for animal lovers on Older Dating Online

Hope for animal lovers on Older Dating Online 

There are many forty plus daters who are on Older Dating Online. Many singles rely on their pets to provide companionship and friendship while they are alone and recovering from a broken relationship.

I am one of those who have lost a much loved dog who was a part of my life for eighteen years and who helped me cope with much heart ache and sadness during a divorce and a heart breaking separation.

Losing a pet like that is a terrible experience and when you don’t want the pet to suffer the decision to help them leave the pain and discomfort behind is a huge decision to take. I needed the comfort of knowing that my little dog was in heaven and I would see them again was important to me.

I have read the book Cold noses at the pearly gates to see if I could find that comfort I was seeking and I can recommend this book to any singles who are on Older Dating Online who struggle with the same feelings and need that I was experiencing.

The author, Gary Kurz, is very easy to understand and has times of humble humour, despite being very intelligent and knowledgeable about scripture.

He illustrated that God created animals before |He created man and He created animals for animals companionship and of course everything that creeps, swims, walks runs, grows and inhabits the earth is created to worship Him. It is also plain that animals spoke to man while they were in the garden of Eden, as the serpent spoke to Eve. All the animals ate plants and they all lived in peace with each other. What a lovely thought. It makes me sad to realise what we lost when sin entered into the world and we lost that closeness and I look forward to living in that new Heaven.

If God created animals with such care and gave them the status of companionship with man and he saved them and gave them a place on the arc with Noah and his family, it is logical that God has made a place for them in Heaven alongside man. Animals are important to us and not just because we eat them but because we love them and need them to complete our lives.  In fact in the first heaven every living thing ate plants and all the animals were safe from our plates. If this state returns which I believe that it will we will need people who love to grow and nurture plants.

So all singles on Older Dating Online animal and garden lovers will be much needed and valued in the new Heaven. If you are missing your beloved animal companion they are waiting for you at the pearly gates and they are well and healthy and having a wonderful time so take comfort that you will have the chance to see them again if you trust your life to the mighty  Lord Jesus who is the way the truth and the life.

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