How do you process experiences and what kind of dater are you looking for on Older Dating

How do you process experiences and what kind of dater are you looking for on Older Dating

On a whole, forty plus daters are either extroverts or introverts or a mixture of the two but with one character dominating. One character trait is directed outwards, and these daters are extroverts.  The other, extreme is introversion, and these daters need time by themselves to charge their batteries and their focus is more inward. These characteristics   dominate the way we live and relate to others. An introverted forty plus dater would prefer  an evening alone or with a few close friends instead of a noisy night out. Whereas the extrovert likes to go out and socialise with a crowd of people.

A forty plus dater with a desire to contact others enjoys getting to know other people and will make conversation with strangers. You might be a forty plus dater who is shy and happier with close friends, who avoids approaching others.

How ready you are to compromise and adapt to the needs of another forty plus partner as being in a relationship requires compromise as partners in a good relationship can’t have things all their own way.

Pragmatic daters solve the problems in life and are willing to adapt and compromise. Where as dominant daters will be frustrated and will react in a negative way if they don’t get their own way in a situation.

Generosity means a kind, forgiving reaction to things that could otherwise cause frustration and anger. Being adaptable and willing to make the best of a situation is a good quality in a relationship, for instance if you have planned a picnic and it is raining do you adapt and change your plans while still remaining cheerful?

The more a dater tends to withdraw, the more likely they will back down from an argument. Alternatively a dater who is very assertive forty plus dater will not back down and will demand that they get their way in most situations.

A conventional forty plus dater will fit in with the generally accepted social behaviour and norms and expects others to do the same, however some daters strive for individualism. If you are dater who expects an ordered life and need to plan everything in advance and like everything in its proper place and insist on meal times at the same time every day and would never dream of heating up last nights pizza for breakfast then you are not going to get on with a dater who comes home and tells you to pack for a trip to Cambodia.

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