How’s your relationship on Older Dating Online

How’s your relationship on Older Dating Online

When you’re a forty plus single dater it is important to ensure your own happiness and mental health,  it’s tempting to fantasise about having that dream  older relationship that solves all your problems and creates happiness, however feeling that this is what a relationship is all about means that you are placing too much pressure on your partner as they will not be able to  rescue you from all of life’s problems. Putting people on pedestals is a mistake because, they will eventually let you down and you will have to realise that you can only rely on yourself and your own abilities and self confidence.

Forty plus dating people in unhealthy relationships frequently fall into the trap of expecting their  forty plus partner to meet all their needs. However healthy relationships should complement a happy life rather than expecting a relationship to make you happy in the first place. Meet happy self confident daters on Older Dating Online.

Most of us tend to hold our values close to our heart and it it is usually only when we are in a relationship where the values differ that we become aware of our own deep set values.

For instance, one of you might have a strong work ethic and be careful with money while the other lacks ambition and has a habit of spending money in a frivolous manner.

Differing options on green issues and religious beliefs can cause conflict unless you are both prepared to compromise.

While shared values and personality traits lay the foundation for a healthy relationship, similar approaches to intimacy are also important as is faithfulness in an intimate relationship.. For instance, your perception of an active sex life might be four times a week, while your partner’s might be four times a month! If a couple has mismatched sex drives and can’t communicate their needs and compromise, it can lead to feelings of rejection and erode the relationship quality over time. Of course, sexual activity is always going to plateau, even in healthy forty plus relationships, however for most healthy , active forty plus daters  sex remains a healthy and meaningful expression of love. Respect in an intimate relationship is important as is manners and appreciation of each others desires and bodies.

A relationship based on trust is a must, as it allows for flexibility for each partner to truly enjoy their own interests. Relationships where there is a high level of distrust can generate a steady stream of jealous conflicts, possessive behaviour and obsessive thinking. This insecurity can seriously impact on happiness and wellbeing for both partners in the relationship.

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