Am I the only cynic about love at first sight on Older Dating Online?

Am I the only cynic about love at first sight on Older Dating Online?

Love at first sight on Older Dating Online sounds very romantic and many daters feel that this is something that many daters aspire too. Lead by Hollywood romantic movies it is dream help by many in our most romantic dream world.

Love at first sight involves your brain and your heart, so very heightened emotions which are a mix of hormones, giving a euphoric ‘crazy in love’ feeling of love at first sight. This could be a positive illusion, which may not be the same feelings experienced in the longer-term.

There are some signs of love at first sight which are both physical and emotional, and often they are very obvious and compelling. Your body reacts to the love at first sight feeling like butterflies and the need to know everything about your date and wanting to spend every second with them. If your date doesn’t share the attraction you run the danger of being overbearing and too possessive.  Moving too fast too soon will make the other dater on Older Dating Online  run for the hills.

Regardless of where you are or who you’re with, the object of your affection keeps popping into your mind and it could mean that you also can’t stop talking about them so be careful you are not running ahead of yourself and you need to be cautious with your emotions and heart. The object of your affection makes you feel that no-one else exists and it could be that you are falling head over heels, so you need to be sensible or you could be hurt.  Be cautious about the lighting bolt that has turned your life upside down and set your heart fluttering. You need to have some common sense and decide if you are both on the same cloud and if a long-term relationship is an option.  Evaluate whether you’re in a good place to have a relationship before taking the plunge.

Spend time together and if that works out in a positive manner then you may be on the way to a long-term relationship but it will take hard work, patient and commitment, so don’t rely on Hollywood magic myth.
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