what is your idea of a good forty plus date on Older Dating Online

What is your idea of a good forty plus date on Older Dating  Online

When you are looking forward to a forty plus date on Older Dating Online  what is it that you look forward to the most?

When  I am looking forward to a forty plus date  on Older dating Online I find that I am looking forward to good food and good relaxed conversation

The good conversation is helped by the fact that you are dating a forty plus dater who has similar interests to me. As we have the same things in common it makes for more relaxed conversation  and this means that if the food is good then we can be on to a winner on Older Dating Online

The success of a forty plus date depends on meeting the expectations of both of the forty plus daters. The mixture of both the daters expectations is the success of the forty plus date on Older Dating Online 

The enjoyment of the food depends on the relaxed atmosphere and conversation and the conversation can break a date and can prevent a second meeting with the forty plus dater on Older Dating Online. If the conversation is too risque and borders on the rude then the forty plus dater will find the communication too intimidating and may feel pressurised. So if you are too pushy then you will turn the conversation into something that is creepy and uncomfortable.

I have received messages from a dater on Older Dating Online that has made me feel uncomfortable and the tone of the conversation borders on the abusive. Don’t do this on a forty plus date as you will have your forty plus  date running for the hills and there will not be a second date and I have to say that if my date behaved like that I would not stay until the end of the date. No-one likes to feel uncomfortable so ensure that you are not coming on too strong.

The first date on Older dating Online should be relaxed and a getting to know you date and if you are trying to come on too strong you will create an uncomfortable atmosphere, which is exactly what you don’t want on an Older Dating Online forty plus date.

Treat your date the way you would like to be treated, which is with respect and do not make unreasonable expectations too soon or you will blow the whole atmosphere and create an unpleasant atmosphere which will completely destroy the date.


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