Indoor plants and Older Dating Online to maintain mental health

Indoor plants and Older Dating Online  to maintain mental health

I recently saw a television programme on Gardeners World that dealt with the rise in popularity of indoor plants and one of the singles who was interviewed had a home that was totally filled with indoor plants. His home was double storied and he had huge high ceilings and massive windows so loads of light entering his home and his plant collection was very impressive and looked more like a jungle that the normal three or ten potted plants that some daters, including myself have in our homes.

I was interested and wondered what other daters on Older Dating Online would feel on entering a space that would not be amiss if they also encountered a monkey or two swinging from the hanging vines.

    As a plant and garden lover I would be totally smitten by the experience and full of admiration as to the daters knowledge of indoor plants and the ability to keep them all looking lovely, but also to name them. It apparently helped his mental health and gave him a reason to get out of bed in the morning. When mental health is such a growing problem I cannot help but feel that he has arrived at a healthy way of dealing with his anxiety and also realising his passion for indoor plants. Indoor plants can purify the air around us and the fact that we are growing and in charge of a living thing and therefore responsible can give us a sense of achievement, and a valid reason to maintain out own mental health .

However walking into a home that is more jungle than the conventional abode can throw most people off balance.

I found it admirable, but would some daters on Older Dating Online feel that they had just entered a mad house. If you didn’t meet a like-minded dater, who was onboard with your passion how would you find the time to date. You would spend all your wiping leaves, watering and repotting. So the ideal would be to find a forty plus dater who shared your passion for indoor plants. This is easier on Older Dating Online as you have the ability to list your hobbies and passions and can converse and even zoom before you meet up in person which would save a lot of time and expense. It would be hard to hide those amount of plants on a zoom call and why would you. That is part of your identity and part of who you are as a single dater.

So meet your soul mate on Older Dating Online in a way that is none-threatening and totally honest about who you are and what you enjoy, as this saves money time and effort. If you are looking for a dater who is unique then you can find then online with Older Dating Online. Do you know your kangaroo vine from your bind weed then you can meet other indoor plant lovers on Older Dating Online.


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