Is your relationship still working on Older Dating Online

Is your relationship still working on Older Dating Online

If one of you doesn’t feel the same connection as you once had, your relationship may be drawing to a close. Maybe you’re not as connected as you used to be to your date, perhaps confiding more in your best friend than your dating partner. Anyone who shares her grievances with her best friend, has unwittingly set up triangulation which will be a problem in any relationship. This means that you have invited a third person into your relationship.

The third person is the one who hears your complaints, and your issues are discussed by the time you are back together with your dating partner on Older Dating Online

This means that you are not actually solving any problems with your dating partner, so they think things are fine and that there are no problems. You should raise the issues with your forty plus dating partner rather than discussing them with a third party. If you feel disconnected then raise the subject sooner rather than later, so that you feel emotionally connected.

Emotional connection is the heartbeat of a forty plus relationship, so that if the disconnect carries on for too long, someone is likely to check out for good and end the relationship. Disconnection also makes a partner more vulnerable to emotional or physical affairs.”

Criticising your forty plus partner is one of the fastest ways to create an irreparable divide between you, and this will lead to hurt feelings and animosity. It can quickly lead to the end of the forty plus relationship.

Ideally, in any forty plus relationship there will be good memories that make you both feel secure and happy. If you are both rehashing the bad memories instead of feeling good about the relationship it could be that you will be contemplating a future without each other.

When positive memories are fading, you may be emotionally distancing yourself from one another. It’s easy to focus on the negative memories and blame your partner instead of appreciating them for who they are and what they have meant to you.

Recalling the good memories or events that made you laugh, helps you to remember why you  appreciate each other and stop blaming each other for what you’re not.

When the fighting stops, it may signal the beginning of a breakup as this be a sign that you’re too emotionally detached to care. You both have a right to express your point of view. If you suddenly withhold your opinions about something, question whether you’ve given up your personal power. Fight for what you believe, or inner conflict can fester and build. Trust and communication are important if one of you isn’t even bothering to stand up for what you believe it’s unlikely you’ll fight for the relationship either.

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