It is never too late to find love on Older Dating Online

It is never too late to find love on Older Dating Online 

Now that I am forty plus I have considered that maybe it is too late to find love and romance but since joining Older Dating Online I have realised that my senior romance days are just starting. However it is possibly at a more relaxed and leisurely pace than I have previously experienced when I was twenty. My body even though I am fit and healthy is less forgiving and slower to recover from excesses  of nights out dancing and drinks at a pub.

It’s inevitable that our bodies will change as we grow older and we need to do more to stay in shape, when we are forty plus dating

If you’re particularly aware of your body and how you look, it can be a drawback when you are dating as unfortunately not many of us look the same as when we were twenty and last on the dating scene. This could lead to a lack of self confidence and may lead to resigning yourself to a life alone because you don’t feel confident about your body, try doing all you can to take care of yourself, by eating correctly and taking regular exercise. Just the basics of eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly will help you feel more confident about yourself. Your own self love and the way that you feel about yourself are vital to successful dating and relationships with other forty plus daters.

If you take care of yourself you could be more attractive and self assured than when you were in your twenties. Women reach their sexual peak in their 40s and men can still be in full sexual health throughout life. Apart from unfortunate illnesses problems with physical intimacy usually arise from a lack of self confidence, particularly if you’ve been on your own for a long time. Try not to expect yourself to be hanging from the light fittings and be realistic about intimacy and rather enjoy the closeness and sensual expression of emotion as your sexual urges are for enjoyment rather than the need to procreate.

When someone is forty plus  they usually have a different attitude towards relationships than younger daters. They are more open to  a commitment because they know what they want in life, they are wiser and have ways of dealing with problems and challenging emotions. Time seems to speed up as you get older and forty plus daters realise that they have one chance at a relationship and happiness. The realisation that life is short is often a good incentive to make the most of every day and not be too burdened by the past or fearful of the future. Being comfortable in your own skin often comes with age and can allow you to relax and enjoy relationships more.

As forty plus daters our requirements in a dating partner will change significantly. Instead of being predominately concerned with looks and status they are likely to be more attracted to  someone who is kind, considerate and has a good sense of humour. This is because life teaches us that inner substance is more valuable than outer flashiness. However we all need to receive and give love and affection.

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