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Many women of all ages hold marriage as the measure of success with a relationship and even if you are not interested in marriage again you would secretly like the option to be offered to you.

The fact is that many singles, both men and women are less interested in marriage.

The fact is that men are not great at relationship skills, in fact, most women end up taking on most of the relationship responsibility, while men typically stop the “romancing” when the relationship starts. Most forty plus women end up working hard at a relationship while most men reap the benefits of a good relationship. Why would you want to get married in the first place.?

Do you simply want to get more security in your relationship?

Keep in mind that just because you have something ‘official’ to point to, doesn’t make  your relationship more secure.

Or do you feel that marriage will make you focus on each other more? The nature of the relationship is not going to change by signing a marriage certificate.

Men can be very wary of a woman who seems to want the marriage more than him.

The relationship has to be strong and the love has to be there before the marriage. The commitment of marriage is a big step for any forty plus dater and many forty plus daters of both sex fear a loss of freedom these days. Most forty plus daters have been married before and found that the relationship didn’t give them all that they needed so a sense of fear is natural.

Both forty plus daters feel that their friends will disappear after marriage and that the commitment will be more than they are prepared for. Both  partners tend to lose some of their friendships in the process of creating a marriage. We all know how the single friends are usually the first to go.

When you are a forty plus single,  your home is your own and you can live in it and do as you please. So to share your living space with someone can be a challenge as you no longer have the total control of decoration and design.

When you are forty plus there is no longer the pressure to get married so many forty plus daters who met on Older Dating Online elect to live apart and stay single while still maintaining a committed relationship with the forty plus lover. They maintain a relationship and find love and romance while not getting married or even sharing a permanent home together.

Recognise that you have to take the good with the bad , when you are forty plus dating. Yes, there will be some less than perfect men out there but there are also some nasty, unfriendly women.

Each of us have a very specific need – and that need is different for forty plus men and women. However both needs are just as important as each other.

It is total rubbish that a man’s need is any greater than a woman’s, it is just that most women tend to put their man’s need before their own, because they nurture and tend to work harder at the relationship and at building a home.

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