Are you looking for a relationship or is single fun your goal on Older Dating Online?

Are you looking for a relationship or is single fun your goal on Older Dating Online?

Are you ready for commitment as a forty plus dater on Older Dating Online or is your goal fun and excitement. If you are ready for an exclusive relationship but your Older Dating Online partner declares they are not ready for a serious relationship and just want some fun how do you react.?

Do you continue with the dating relationship or do agree to part because you both have different objectives. If you have different goals is it an equal partnership.

Many daters may feel that intimacy is enough for them but a committed relationship is a step too far. That is why is is very important to ensure that you are both honest with each other right at the onset of the Older Dating Online relationship so that you are both aware of your level of dating commitment.

It could be that many single men would prefer to have a relationship with intimacy but with fewer strings. Does this mean that forty plus single men feel afraid of commitment and emotional intimacy in a way that many forty plus women don’t. ? This is not always the case as many forty plus women are feeling much happier being single and would rather have the feeling of independence that being single gives them. It is no longer the case that a woman has to have a man to feel complete. Forty plus women are happy with the single lifestyle and are feeling complete just being themselves.

So many forty plus single join Older Dating Online for forty plus companionship and social companionship rather than a long term committed relationship with forty plus single men.

Forty plus women on Older Dating Online do not feel the need to chase after a single man to make them feel like a complete person.

If you do need a relationship and want to spend committed time with a forty plus single then you do need to have a serious and honest conversation about both of your needs and requirements in this relationship, so that both of your needs are met and that you are both emotionally mature enough to accept each others needs and desires.

When you are told that your date is not ready to be exclusive simply digest it. Take a minute and sit with it, and tell them that you’re not sure what to say. As a forty plus single will need to take an inventory as to your own feelings to determine how to best proceed.

Your inventory requires asking yourself a few basic questions. Take a mental health day  and ask yourself the questions below., in a calm and relaxed way, with no drama.

Overall, have I had a good mature relationship with this  single dating partner? Do I see myself compromising about what I want out of a relationship. Am I confident enough to meet another single on Older Dating Online who would better meet my specific needs and desires and if not would I be happy on my own? Be honest with yourself and do some serious heartfelt thinking about your feelings and your future.

Once you’ve taken inventory with these crucial questions, your answers will be clearer and you will have a better idea of what you need to do about the relationship.

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