Love your pets, how does your date feel about them on Older Dating Online?

Love your pets, how does your date feel about them on Older Dating Online?

What qualities make you seem more desirable on Older Dating Online ? Many women daters feel that a love of pets and animals in general is important. Conversely many men feel that a woman who loves their pet would not put them first above their pet.

If you have finally found your ideal date, however they have a pet that is a big part of their life and they love this animal dearly. This pet has possibly been a big part of their life and helped them through some difficult times. Here lies the problem! You are not a pet person and you just can’t understand the close attraction and even dependence on this pet, especially as you have entered their life. Surely you are more important than a pet?

This pet is  responsible for countless arguments between dating couples and can even cause big rifts in the fledgling relationship. Is there any way you can get along with your partner’s pet and become as fond or at least appreciate it ?

If you have found a forty plus date who really makes you happy, is it worth sacrificing your relationship over their pet? You need to think long term,  and how co-operative you decide to be as if the relationship grows and you decide to live together then the pet is likely to be part of the household, with a healthy animal living for decades this means that this decision and compromise is likely to be a long term arrangement.

.This is therefore a massive commitment to make, particularly if you don’t like them. It would be unfair to force your partner into making a choice, and you may not like the choice that they make.

Communication and compromise are essential in this sort of relationship, between two dating singles and a beloved pet. If you don’t like the dog or cat sleeping on or in the bed with you and your partner when you stay over, you need to tell them. Your partner will not know the problems you have with their pet unless you share them, and then they can make the necessary amendments. Nevertheless, you have to understand that many people regard their pets as members of the family. If they are willing to make a change to their routine to accommodate you, you have to reach a compromise in return.

Clearly establish boundaries through an open, but not heated, discussion. Calmly explain to your forty plus dating partner how you feel, and outline the compromises you would be willing to make, in return. A bit of give and take never hurt any relationship.

The case may be that one dater feels neglected, undermined or even jealous of their partner’s relationship with a long term pet. The time someone wants to spend with their partner may be interrupted with the responsibilities that caring for a pet brings.

Your new dating partner may be having difficulty adjusting to their new life as a couple because when single, they were able to devote a lot more time to their pet. You need to understand that your forty plus wants to spend time with them and time taken away and given to a pet that they don’t like can be resented.

Be patient and try to incorporate the pet into activities that you can both enjoy, such as walking, or if it is a cat then perhaps a catnip toy or active toy play. Your new partner will appreciate the effort.

Perseverance is important if you want your relationship to work and that applies to any relationship. As you become a bigger part of each other’s lives you will spend more time together. You need to accept that your partner’s pet is a central part of their life, and this is a life they want you to be a part of as well. Loving someone means accepting all of them, including their pets.


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