Make sure you are treated right on Older Dating Online

Make sure you are treated right on Older Dating Online

Discarding somebody is the meanest thing anybody can ever do to a human.  However if you are not being treated right and with respect in a relationship then it is possibly the best thing that you can do for your own physical and mental health.

Meet respectful singles on Older Dating Online.

The rejection of a discard is pure torture, but the person who has been discarded knows that their partner didn’t treat you well and if they are honest with themselves they will know that they deserve the break-up, as they were not great in a forty plus relationship. A clean break that ends the relationship is best for everyone and means that forty plus singles can move on and learn and grow from the experience. However if they are still hanging about and not leaving you and realising, that the break-up is final then they are still hoovering in your life, that is gaslighting and just being nice to get what they want from you.

I was a part of such a relationship, and it took a tremendous amount of self confidence to take a step back and no longer participate in the game.

A person who loves you would not play with your emotions and disrespect you and try and force their will in your life.  They would never want to risk losing you if you meant something to them.

They would stand by you and protect you as a forty plus single who is important in their life and they would never abuse that opportunity to be with you in a relationship.

I believe that a discard period is a process of pushing away and pulling you back until they push you away for good and poof you disappear and end the relationship and leave for good. At least that’s how it was for me. So there are times of “being nice”, however it is laced with toxicity and normally done to ease the bad feeling in the relationship and encourage you to stay. Once you recognise a pattern, you can more easily let go of the relationship, and you can now recognise future relationships that no longer serve you. It is important to  that it is a growth and learning period and can make you stronger as a single dater on Older Dating Online

Some people use good people to only benefit themselves. Do not be fooled by somebody “being nice” every once in awhile. You deserve more than crumbs. Take good care and meet lovely genuine daters on Older Dating Online.


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