What makes you happy on a date on Older Dating Online?

What makes you happy on a date on Older Dating Online?

We all have different likes and things that make us happy. During the isolation caused by the various periods of lockdown, many forty plus daters have taken comfort and companionship from their pets and there has been an increase in singles adding pets of various kinds to their homes.

I bought a puppy and having had a much older dog for many years I am totally unprepared for the havoc that a puppy brings into your life. Other forty plus daters have taken to gardening and garden centres are very busy at the moment and I think everyone is looking forward to spring, even though my daffodils are looking amazing at the moment.

Other single daters, that I have met are learning a new language, or have taken a new career path. Single forty plus daters are an adventurous lot and you can meet your adventure on Older Dating Online.

Personally what makes me happy is good relaxed company and the feeling that you are with daters who appreciate life and know how to have a good time, so meeting singles on Older Dating Online fits that bill in my life. I have often heard the expression that life is too short and as I get into my forty plus years I realise just how true that is. I enjoy a more relaxed life but it is just as enjoyable as when i was in my teens, probably more so as I have more sense than to worry so much about what other people think. I am who I am and I am happy with that, so I guess that is another thing that makes me happy is a sense of self acceptance.

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