Insights into personalities when dating online on Older Dating Online

Insights into personalities when dating online on Older Dating Online 

A first date when you are dating online is an important fact finding exercise and asking the right questions in a conversational and friendly manner can give tremendous insights into a person’s lifestyle and character when dating online on Older Dating Online

A question like `So what do you spend your money on ?’ will give an insight into their priorities and responsibilities as we all spend money on the things that are important to us.  For example I am always saving to go on holiday as travel to me is very important and it the way that I learn about the world and life outside of my own lifestyle. My travel adventures also give me plenty to talk about when Older Dating Online in London

Something else I spend money on is my home and garden which shows that I like to live in a comfortable home and have an attractive enjoyable place to live. I also love animals so my dog is a priority and I need to ensure that  I have money put aside for my dogs welfare and possible vets bills. Those three things have told a prospective daters a lot about me as a person so it is a good fact finding tool. Needless to say it has also told you that I talk a lot!!

This question also gives key insight into someone’s relationship with their finances which can be a significant source of conflict for many forty plus partners in long term dating relationships. Many forty plus partnerships where money issues become evident end in divorce. If your forty plus dater responds to this question with stories about sports cars and designer clothes or even gambling, it could be a red flag if your values about money are very different.

For some forty plus single daters family is incredibly important, and others prefer to chill and not socialise on the weekend. How we engage with the festive season can also reveal how introverted or extroverted we are; extraverts tend to crave company and busy events far more than introverts. Therefore a question asking how they spend there weekends or how your forty plus date spent last Christmas can be revealing of their lifestyle preferences. How single daters spent Christmas and New Year can reveal how close they are to their family and the likelihood that they may want to be in a committed relationship, and be part of a family set up.

Some risky first date, questions that take courage to ask are  “Why did your last relationship really end?” and  “Do you abuse drugs or alcohol?” I would personally leave the sexual questions until future dates but it depends how desperate you are for sex.  Having said that if you think you are likely to be getting `lucky’ after asking any of these questions then I would think gain…

“How much do you actually weigh?” and even, “How much money did you get in your divorce?”are intrusive and to be avoided at all costs, if you want the date to continue.

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