Older Dating Online advice for senior singles to learn from dating mistakes

Older Dating Online advice for senior singles to learn from dating mistakes


Dating Olympics?

Dating Olympics?

All senior singles can expect to  go through a few bad dates before we meet a like-minded senior single, on Older Dating Online but they needn’t be a complete waste of time. A bad  fifty plus senior single date can offer an opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you want from a mature fifty plus relationship.

When people ask me about my worst senior single date I tend to think back to the senior single date who was obviously at least ten years older than his Older Dating Online profile picture, so I didn’t even recognise him when he arrived. He also had an extremely loud and annoying mobile phone ring tone. It was actually the sound of a cockerel crowing and it cause every head in the restaurant to turn around, when it rang, which it did, often! Not a great start.

Meet intelligent senior singles who are like-minded on Older Dating Online.

Be cautious of mature senior singles who have habits that make frustrated or irritated at the onset. Seriously, it’s in the early stages of a senior single relationship when this sort of thing is meant to bother you the least. If senior singles dates turn out to be rude, anti-social, argumentative then it is time to look for a more like-minded senior single on Older Dating Online.

 Choose gifts carefully. I think a little gift on a date can be a lovely gesture. It shows that you’re generous, thoughtful and prepared to go that extra mile to make a good impression on your senior single date. The key though, is to actually choose a gift that demonstrates all of these things, like a single flower for your mature fifty plus date on Older Dating Online. I was once presented with a book which was rather intimate and personal and totally inappropriate for a first or even a twenty first date!

If you’ve not stretched so far as a gift, I personally think it’s nice for a mature fifty plus senior single  man to at least offer to pay for the drinks or dinner on a date. Many fifty plus senior single women might not be keen on this, and that’s fine, pay your share if you want to, but it’s good to have the option on a senior single Older Dating Online date. I went one of those bad dates once where we literally got the calculator out and worked out the bill to the last penny.

A senior single date on Older Dating Online is all about getting to know someone, and you can’t do that if you’re constantly checking your phone. I cannot over state this in this age of technology. Enjoy the moment and concentrate of your senior single date. I was having dinner with a man once when his phone rang. He had the decency to look embarrassed at least, but clearly wanted to answer it. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said, getting up and heading for the beer garden. ‘I have to take this – it’s my ex.’

If the chemistry  isn’t there, no amount of romance is going to create a spark. I once went on a first senior single date on Older Dating Online. On our way there, we walked across a park while my mature fifty plus date recited his favourite poem to me. It started to rain and we ran for shelter under a large oak tree. I wondered if he might seize the opportunity to press me against the tree trunk and kiss me, but no, he didn’t even lend me his coat.

 If there is something there, the conversation will flow naturally and you won’t find yourself sitting in an awkward silence.

Enjoy meeting senior single who are interesting and like-minded on Older Dating Online.

Sarah Hussey xx


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