Senior singles dating tips on Olderdatingonline

Senior singles dating tips on Olderdatingonline

Reading some of the dating diaries that single forty plus daters submit online we seem to be puzzled by the way that singles behave and react. I do find it amusing the way that forty plus daters are puzzled by the behaviour of the opposite sex.

Is it so hard to understand the opposite sex and do we find the different genders an enigma.?

If you communicate too often then you are needy and pushy. If you don’t communicate soon enough or often enough, you’re disinterested and not romantic.

All of these questions and circumstance can be a challenge when forty plus dating and many find the whole concept confusing and get tired of the game playing and the uncertainty of dating

Figuring out what is going on in the mind of a forty plus dater can be a challenge too far for many daters and the frustration that I read in the diary entries confirm that I am not alone in this regard. How do you deal with the confusion that can arise from dating when you are a forty plus dater on Olderdatingonline.

I don’t believe that when you are forty plus woman dating online that you are trying to trap anyone into a commitment. It is my experience that forty plus women are generally happily single and are just interested in faithful intimacy and companionship and if that is a step too far for any forty plus single man then they shouldn’t really be online dating.

If you discuss your desires and needs on a forty plus date and you get a shocked  look from your date, no matter what your gender, as if you are trying to trap them into a commitment , then you know that you are with the wrong date? Playing dating games are for children not seniors.

Most  single daters suffer with nerves on a first date  so do not  make the mistake of drinking too much as you will need to keep your wits about you and be in a position to understand the body language and the subtle signs that are given out by your date.  This is an important learning time so take it easy and  don’t overindulge on the alcohol.


A kiss goodbye will be enough to show interest but don’t go further than that as you need to get to know each other first and this is just the start of the learning process.

Retain a bit of mystery and avoid giving your secrets away too soon.  Rather keep your communication on neutral ground and even make use of the communication channels on Olderdatingonline  until you really get to know each other a lot better.

If your date starts using term like girlfriend or partner to describe you then you know that they are taking you seriously and that it has passed from dating into a relationship.

Don’t stop doing your own thing. Meet friends and family. You both need your own space so make sure that you allow each other that space. So maintain your own independence.

Even if you do feel that you are in a relationship , don’t plan too far in advance,  stop planning things for next year , a week in advance, or possibly a month, is usually as far as most senior singles  are willing to commit after a few weeks or even months of  a mature relationship.

Don’t rush to tie each other down, enjoy the experience of having fun companionship on dates , without the sense of commitment  responsibility.

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