Simple tips to taking great Older Dating Online profile pictures

Simple tips to taking great Older Dating Online profile pictures

Older Dating is Simple

Trust Me.. Older Dating Is Simple!

One easy way to attract many more views on your Older Dating Online profile is to use good quality, colourful photos of you looking like a relaxed, happy and attractive fifty plus senior single. As this is your chance to attract intelligent senior singles for possible mature companionship and fifty plus romance using selfies and badly-lit, blurry holiday snaps is just not a good idea.

Many fifty plus senior singles are naturally drawn to good quality images, which is why images are such a huge part of marketing campaigns and it makes sense that they would also be a big part of your Older Dating Online profile. Evidence shows that people are drawn to images over text. And, in Older Dating Online, there is evidence to suggest that your Older Dating Online dating profile photo counts for 90% of the decision to date you compared to your written profile. Imagine how popular you would be if you used strong, colourful photos instead of blurry, bland, dark shots?  Meet intelligent senior singles on Older Dating Online, when you add great dating pictures to your dating profile.

If you want to be successful at dating on Older Dating Online we have  some top pro tips to help you create a good quality set of photos that are in focus, well-lit and which showcase you as  a really interesting and attractive senior single on Older Dating Online.

Natural light is more flattering and kind to the face and works well for the carefree, relaxed vibe that you need for dating profile photos on Older Dating Online. Indoor photos can work well too but  be aware that flash,  can actually add 7 years to the face and create very unflattering light.

If it’s a sunny day, the best light for Older Dating Online profile photos is first thing in the morning or the last hour before sunset, so aim for that if possible, and you’ll get some beautiful shots. Avoid the unflattering light on a sunny day when the sun is directly overhead as it causes unflattering shadows on your face so find the shade.

When you have your photos taken, you need to feel relaxed and carefree so that you get the right vibe for your Older Dating Online photos. Remember back to your last relaxing holiday. Think of some carefree scenarios, like walking along an empty beach and feel a relaxed vibe. Meet other positive interesting senior singles for mature companionship on Older Dating Online. Listen to music as this is a great way to relax. Leaning and sitting are good ways to start off your shoot, as they make it easy to relax your body. Leaning also tends to make you look laidback, so even if you are nervous, you won’t look it on your senior single Older Dating Online profile..

Having something to hold with your hands, can help relax you and distract you from the fact you’re in front of the camera. If you can find something to hold that showcases your personality even better. Books, hats, headphones, ice-creams are all good examples of this. Alternatively if you have a much loved pet bring them into the Older Dating Online picture, but do it in a way that you are interacting with them, not just both of you staring at camera.

Once you’re feeling fairly relaxed in front of the camera, start moving, walk around, swing your arms, look up and down, move from side to side, look away and look at the camera. If you keep moving, your photographer, pro or not, will capture some lovely shots of you. Aim to get some lovely smiling headshots with a genuine smile or ones with you laughing and having fun in the sunshine as these get the best results on Older Dating Online.

Enjoy meeting senior singles on Older Dating Online

Sarah Hussey xx


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