Social lockdown and online dating on Older Dating Online

Social lockdown and online dating on Older Dating Online

I am surprised by the increase of messages since the lockdown. We can’t meet yet but being in contact and being able to communicate and chat to other forty plus daters  is really helpful. It has helped me combat loneliness and during the long days of lockdown and isolation has given me an extra interest to see who is online and chatting to forty plus daters online and on zoom and on the phone. It has an added interest  in the day, which breaks the Ground Hog Day feel of the lockdown due to Corona Virus.

I have still been communicating with a forty plus dater and we have had several virtual dates. We have a drink, in our own homes and chat for a few hours, usually before bed. It’s a lot cheaper than a dinner date and drinks afterwards and very much more relaxed and less pressure. In fact we are both enjoying the relaxed natural feel of the virtual date that is a feeling of freedom. Laughter and banter is very liberating and makes you feel good on a virtual date so make sure that you do relaxed and happy activities and keep the conversation light and interesting.

As an avid rom-com watcher, I feel like this situation is like a movie and virtual dates could be the new way to romance and memories that lead to long term relationships.

I feel kind of lonely. It’s nice having someone reach out to ask how you’re doing and spend time discussing the book that we are reading or what we have seen on Netflix. We have started to have deeper conversations, first just about the pandemic and what’s been going on. Then we started sharing more personal topics.  I am not sure where it will go but at the moment it is lovely to have conversation with another single dater who has similar interests as me and know that we are going through the same isolating situation, where one day rolls into the next. It’s nice just having that person at the end of a face time call or to chat to on a call.

I had two virtual dates recently with the same forty plus dater. We moved conversation from Older Dating Online to video chat because it is always good to see someone face to face even if it is via zoom. A Zoom chat does at least give you an idea if there is likely to be chemistry when you do meet up.

Sometimes it is great advantage to have a virtual date before you meet up as you can get to know a bit more information about a person’s character while still maintaining isolation and a safe distance. I was really glad about this safety measure on this date as I was a bit shocked and frightened by this dates behaviour. He had been drinking quite a bit and he took accept ion to the fact that I was sticking to coffee and I was obviously relaxed  and he began to get a bit aggressive and he said that I should be drinking as he was drinking and that he was annoyed that I was not drinking and he started shouting and getting very verbal and agitated. I said that I was not happy with his manner and was going to end the call which made him even more aggressive. I ended the call and I am very glad that I was able to do that and I was relieved that on this occasion I had not been in a face to face real life date with him as it would have been frightening and I would have felt anxious.

Conversations can be more intense since the stay at home and stay safe rules have been in place because some people are struggling with boredom and frustration so it is a good idea to choose carefully and sometimes a Zoom call can give you a really good insight into how people react in a crisis and challenging times.

The isolation can bring out the best and the worst in daters. Do not be tempted to break the rules and meet up against the isolation restrictions. If your date is pushing you to meet up despite the lockdown restrictions then it may mean that they are not considering your best interests and that they have their own agenda. We all have to stick to the rules and stay at home and stay safe. It would seem to me that if you are being pushed to meet up in these circumstances that you date is just after a sex hook up and if you are looking for a longer term meaningful relationship and to get to know a dater on a deeper level you are better off stay at home and staying safe and waiting until the time is right to meet up.

Most daters have added more wholesome pictures and their profiles and messages seem to be more affectionate.  Most of us are at home, so our true selves are coming out during these dates; you can really see what a person is like. Dating during this pandemic is an adventure.  I’m usually really nervous when talking to new people, but virtual dates are more relaxed on Older Dating Online.

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