The stages of romance and relationships on Older Dating Online

The stages of romance and relationships on Older Dating Online

We all love the first feelings that are inspired by meeting a dater who seems to be on the same wave length as we are. The delight and joy of that initial whirlwind of romance, when you first start to get to know each other is so exciting, that it is hard to keep your feet on the ground and remain sensible.

What separates the honeymoon stage from the other stages of dating is its intensity of emotions. Everything feels fresh and new, your partner seems utterly perfect, and your life feels like something out of a movie or a fairy tale.  The sun shines brighter the birds start singing and flowers are blooming.

You can’t get enough of your new date from Older Dating Online – you want to spend all your time together, and the chemistry between you is electric. You either ignore or wave off each other’s flaws, and it feels like you’ll never fight. Laughter and good feelings abound.

Rational thought falls by the wayside and it is hard to remain objective as you are very keen to ignore any red flags as you don’t want to spoil this fabulous feeling.

Dater’s brain chemistry actually changes during the honeymoon phase. When you first fall in love, your brain increases its production of dopamine, and endorphins, all hormones that affect pleasure and joy. This initial phase can last for several months. This stage is enjoyable and loads of fun but you need to make sure that you are not ignoring any bad vibes.

If the start of a relationship is like being on cloud nine, the second stage can mean that reality steps in and the rose-colored glasses come off. You start to become aware of the flaws in each other. This can lead to friction and fights, so communication is very important, or the relationship could fail. The gravity sets in on the relationship and this second stage could means more downs than up’s, so communication and patience is important.

This stage can last a year but may feel much longer and can break some couples up. You have to have commitment to work out the differences. Couple need to decide whether to work out these differences or split up. Couples need to be fair in their conflict and abuse should not be tolerated. Respect and consideration should still be paramount even doing conflict.

once you have got through the second stage and have settled down into a respectful and tolerant relationship you will start to feel more stable and solid. Trust is built by trust and a history that is built up between you both. You know each other better and are hopefully more tolerant of each others differences.  Avoiding boredom and temptation is an important part of this timeline, so be cautious about external temptations.

Don’t let your relationship get into a rut as this will increase boredom . If you feel like there’s no excitement any more, inject some with a date somewhere unexpected, a trip with just the two of you, or even a sexy romantic evening together. Human brains are wired to look for novelty, so adding some to your relationship will help keep it alive.

The final stage, and the one couples aspire to but only rarely manage to achieve. Mature love and contentment, this is a peaceful and you are both content with each other.

That’s not to say that everything will be perfect once you reach the final stage. Life throws challenges that you and you partner will have to overcome with patience and respect to ensure that you are working as a team. Looking at the years of history between the two of you can mean that the glue that holds you together is stronger than the will to break apart.

Remember that as much as you’re part of a couple, you’re also a person in and of yourself. That is why it is important to meet a like-minded date on Older Dating Online.

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