Be thankful for life on Older Dating Online

Be thankful for your life on Older Dating Online

As we are in the midst of thankful week, we need to realise just how much we have to be thankful for. I personally wake up with anxiety most days but when I start to give thanks for my life and all the great things that I have in my life, my anxiety disappears and i start to look forward to my day with a more positive way. As a forty plus single with a dating profile on Older Dating Online 

The world is a confusing and anxious place at the moment but if you sit calmly and consider the smaller things that make up your life, rather than being wrapped up in the bigger wider picture of the world you will realise that we all have some much to be thankful for. If you are in a home and have food then give thanks. If you have a family that loves you give thanks. If you slept in a warm and comfortable bed give thanks.

If you have found love and romance on Older Dating Online, give thanks.

As we head towards a bank holiday weekend and a Platinum Jubilee, then give thanks to our Queen for her service.

Get the bunting out and celebrate life with thanks. Raise a glass or a cup and give thanks for your forty plus life and the memories and the relationships that you have built over the period of your life. we all have problems and anxiety that we deal with but giving thanks allows the clouds to be blown away the sunshine of life to show through your anxious feelings.

I am thankful that I have a dating profile on Older Dating Online that allows me to meet other forty plus singles who are thankful and have a zest for life. Our future is ahead of us we have so much to explore and enjoy as we go forward. Yes I am wiser and older but that can be celebrated when I look at my memories and the celebration of becoming wiser makes me thankful. I have a loving Lord who protects me and gives me wisdom to release the battles that I may have in my life and that makes me very thankful. I know that i have a future and a place that I can rely on. That trust makes me thankful and happy.

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