The struggles of forty plus women on Older Dating Online

The struggles of forty plus women on Older Dating Online

Being a forty plus woman on Older Dating Online I can relate to the problems that other forty plus women have with dating online.

I don’t want to date a forty plus man who hasn’t dealt with the problems that broke up his previous relationship. Forty plus relationships take work and commitment and if both partners are not prepared to work at the togetherness of the relationship.

Unfortunately looking at profiles online I find very few men online that I am attracted to. I am not a stuck up person and I don’t think that I am wonderful nor am I the best crayon in the box, however I do try and make the best of the few attributes that I still have. I wear nice clothes, still wear make-up and do my hair nicely and although I don’t have the body of a twenty year old I control my weight as much as possible. When I see an overweight man in a white vest taking a picture of himself in the bathroom with the toilet in the back ground it is not encouraging.

I am too old to be chasing men and playing games, so if you send me a wink with no other approach I am not going to go running after you. If you are interested in making contact make the effort to communicate something interesting in a message. There are very few interesting prospects that I would find intriguing.

Men are biased towards younger women even if they look older than their years and unkept. It is almost as if dating men feel that women are desperate to be in a relationship to be happy, where as most forty plus women are content to be on their own rather than in an unsuccessful relationship with a man that is not meeting their needs and desires. Men who look like my Grandpa seem to feel that I should jump at the chance to be with them.

We were all part of the problem in past break-ups but if you haven’t sorted out what went wrong and changed toxic attitudes and behaviours then you are still going to have the same problems in new relationships. Men that I meet are very keen to have sex but not available to let a relationship grow and mature without intimacy. They are expecting to have sex almost on meeting and feel that it is their right to expect it because you are on a dating site. They don’t seem to get that it is dating and getting to know each other and not free sex. I can’t find men who want more than a casual date or hookup and who don’t act desperate to get a women into bed.

I know that a lot of men would not find me the right relationship partner and sometimes if I find a man that I am attracted to, he is quite often not attracted to me, so it would seem that forty plus men also find starting a forty plus relationship just as much of a challenge as I do . Keep on trucking and be positive

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