Views on your profile on Older Dating Online

Views on your profile on Older Dating Online

If a forty plus dater views your profile frequently it would seem that they are showing interest, it is almost like a double take is a clear sign of interest. It is a natural interest if you have caught a dater’s interest. When you are online dating on older dating online you will need to accept that behavior can be similar to meeting face to face. So if someone keeps catching your attention in real life then that is a similar feeling to someone taking any interest in your dating profile on Older Dating Online. It is very much like a teasing glance.

When you are looking at pictures for your dating then consider a cheeky flirty look that makes eye contact through a picture. Make eye contact with the camera and smile. Look positive and friendly, approachable and happy. These are all ways of flirting and all models and celebrities use this to attract attention and get you on their side.

When you meet for a first date, take note of their facial expression when you first meet your date face to face. Eyebrows are an indicator of their first impression. If you make an impression their eyebrows will do a quick rise and is a strong body language vocabulary. This was used all the time by Roger Moore in the 007 movies when he first met the beautiful love interest.

An increased blink rate is another sign that you are attracted to your date, as is looking at your date up and down. So a subtle look up and down shows interest and attraction and if they do the same to you means that they fancy you right back.

When you’re deep in conversation with someone you fancy your gaze with probably include their face and upper body, taking in their shoulders and neck as these are all signs of flirting.

Holding someone’s gaze while they speak suggests that you respect and value what they’re saying and it’s very seductive. Concentrating on their eyes in an interested non-threatening way shows that you are interested in what they are saying and that their communication is interesting you.

A warm smile involves your eyes at least as much as your mouth, and your seduction won’t get far without it. A genuine smile shows the other person that you enjoy their company, which in turn makes them feel good and enjoy your company even more. Smiling also makes you feel good, and is always more attractive than a pout.


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