Is violence ever acceptable? Online dates on Older Dating Online

Is Violence ever acceptable ? Online dates on Older Dating Online

We seem to be surrounded by violence at the moment. The news is filled with pictures of the war in Europe and the misery that war and violence brings.

Even the Oscars has been turned into a spectacle of violence, frayed tempers and over reaction.

Of course in the cold light of day and the realisation sets in then feelings change and remorse sets in.  This can lead to sadness and a weeping apology. Sadness serves a purpose.

It’s a feeling we all try to avoid but it’s inevitable and a part of life. Sadness rarely ends with sadness. It’s followed with a lot of reflection and maybe internalising what caused us to feel sad and to react the way we did. It’s a loss of something, like our dignity and a sense of wrong doing.

It brings about memories and puts things into perspective. Healthy minded people are able to process their sadness and discover what really matters to them, what’s important, what isn’t and maybe how they contributed to some of their own sadness.

A healthy person will acknowledge that they way they reacted was wrong and perhaps was done on the spur of the moment.

However violence is NEVER acceptable when you are dating and talking is a far better option. Meet people who are able to verbalise their emotions rather than lashing out on Older Dating Online

When ever the Oscar turns into a violent act of slapping and swearing then you realise there is lot of pent up tension behind all those posh frocks and suits. That tension is not healthy and the egos that create violence and wars is narcissistic and the inability to see the other persons point of view and to accept that you can see humour in yourself is unhealthy. Meet people who have the ability to laugh at themselves on Older Dating Online 

The sense of self worth that allows us to laugh at ourselves is a very important characteristic and rather than being a weakness is actually a strength that is very powerful and a wonderful sense of release, that is often not seen in todays world.

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