What are your core values when forty plus dating on Older Dating Online

What are your core values when forty plus dating on Older Dating Online 

Values and personal boundaries are the qualities that define us and gender respect in other forty plus daters when we are dating online. They are the things that matter the most to us and make us individuals as forty plus daters.. Without them we wouldn’t the person that we are and we would not be an honest and worthwhile dater if we did not adhere to our core values. Values help us make choices about life and our lifestyle, Values are what we commit to and what we believe in and are passionate about.

If our core values are violated or disregarded we become resentful and it feels as if we are not valued as a forty plus dater and we can lose our sense of well being and that feeling that all is well with the world.

So when you are forty plus dating you need to be aware of your values to meet other forty plus daters who are respectful and caring about each  other and who respect you as an individual with needs of your own.

It’s enormously valuable therefore to know what our values and desires are and to communicate that to the other daters that you meet online.

You need to get clear in your own mind what it is you are seeking in a forty plus dating meeting, if it is a long-term relationship or a sexual hook up. If living together is important to you, or if you are happy to meet for companionship and intimacy and then live separately and if you are looking for a long term partner or even if you are only interested in a sexy hook up and one night stand, all of these scenarios need to be considered when you are forty plus dating online.

Knowing our values within the context of forty plus dating experience is key. Knowing your values will also help in creating your dating profile on Olderdatingonline.com. Begin by asking yourself these questions:

What is important to my dating experience, what is important to me and what do I care about while I am dating online.?.

Consider a time in your life when you felt that everything was going right and that you were really happy and consider what you found exhilarating and life confirming. What values were being met during that time.? As a counter balance what makes you feel ill at ease and undervalued as a person and when are you not true to yourself.

How will you approach online dating now with other forty plus daters? We so often become aware of our values when they are being violated. Imagine how much unhappiness, discomfort and bad relationship and sexually unsuccessful dating  experiences can now be avoided because you now know your values and what’s important to you.



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