What do you expect from online dating on Older Dating Online?

What do you expect from online dating on Older Dating Online?

Do we expect too much from our relationships these days? When we meet a forty plus dater on Older Dating Online do we want our dating partner to be a best friend, confidant,  and companion. This could set us up for disappointment when our partner cannot fulfil all of our needs.

This means that we have to make sure that we also have an enriching lifestyle of our own and not expect our dating partner to be our reason for being happy. We need to make sure that we are able to do fun things on our own too. We need to have our own life too.

Obviously, you should expect your partner to meet some of those needs as you are part of a partnership now. Making your partner your best friend may be a big ask, as this is a complicated relationship.  Maybe your dating partner is just not best friend material. It can be healthier to have someone else in your life as a best friend as this could free up some of the pressure that you are placing on your dating partner. It can lead  to more fun and joy in your life and you will possibly feel less let down.

If you are in a serious discussion about your relationship and you need to make a point clear , repeat the words out loud so that both you and your partner are clear about the point that is being made. Sometimes statements can be misheard or misunderstood so repeating it can allow the statement to become clearer to both of you, this can improve  understanding and  improves the accuracy and quality of communication by allowing for correction of misinterpretations, but also creates of strong sense of being heard and understood in each dating partner.

Don’t just say how you feel you need to demonstrate your feelings of love. Saying you love someone is a good thing to do but the words need to match the actions when you are forty plus dating.


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