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We all have a love language that we relate to, and it is a good idea to find out what your love language is and of course the love language of your dating partner. We relate to each other in different ways and it is helpful if you know what turns your partner on to love and how you like to be treated too.

I googled love language and I found out that I like affirmation. Yes, I know that may sound obvious but there are other qualities such as touch, gifts, time and service.

So, if you are trying to woo your date with time when they prefer a small thoughtful gift then you are not getting the best value out of your efforts.

If you are giving time but what your date from Older Dating Online would rather have you emptying the dish washer then you are missing a good simple opportunity.

Older Dating Online is an exciting experience and in that excitement, it can be tempting to think that all daters are the same and have the same needs because they suit your personality but you may be dating someone who loves a hug where as you are not a dater who gives spontaneous affection.

Ask your partner what they really appreciate or ask them to take the simple love language test so that you are pushing the right buttons.

If your date likes a small thoughtful gift more often, then that big expensive once a year gift might not be as effective as you imagined.

If you are open to getting to know each other then, really appreciating each other’s little individual needs is important for a close relationship. You will both be happier and more fore filled as a couple.

If you are treating your partner the way you wish to be treated it may not be the right way to go about it as we all have individual needs and are unique in the way that we respond to each other.

Remember Gerry and the Pacemakers `liked it’ when his chin was tickled. Find the love language that you and your partner like and work at combining the two on Older Dating Online.


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